Alpen Pharma AG – In the Name of Health!



The whole world is going through a difficult period. Alpen Pharma AG does not stand aside and takes care of public health.

In all countries, where Alpen Pharma AG is represented, we support our medical colleagues on a daily basis. They are on the first line of defense and risk their health to help everyone who gets COVID -19.

We understand how difficult it is for them, both physically and emotionally, to cope with all the trials. Therefore, on behalf of Alpen Pharma AG, was made a donation for the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care No. 1 Valeriu Gereg, USMF Nicolae Testemitanu and the Valeriu Gereg Medical Fundation, which carries out an action for the placement, nutrition and transportation of medicines to support all medical personnel.

Only by joining all forces and supporting each other, we can overcome this difficult time. Together, doing good deeds is easy!

Alpen Pharma AG – In the Name of Health!