About us

Alpen Pharma in Moldova

History of Alpen Pharma in Moldova began in 2012, when Alpen Pharma AG Representative Office was opened in Chisinau.          


Medical representatives’ staff is a team of professionals who have medical education. They are actively working within Moldova with the doctors of various specialties: pediatricians, therapists, allergists, dermatologists, gynecologists, ENTs, gastroenterologists, urologists, family physicians and provisors and pharmacists as well.



Nowadays a lot of tasks are successfully solved and new targets are set by Alpen Pharma AG Representative Office in Moldova, which is developing now.


Products portfolio of Alpen Pharma AG Representative Office in Moldova is being updated from year to year and has a big quantity of medicines that meet the needs of a wide range of patients and doctors of various specialties.



Alpen Pharma AG Representative Office in Moldova is paying attention to cooperation with medical and health-care institutions, medical practitioners, pharmacists and pharmaceutical consumers; actively supports clinical researches,  scientific and practical conferences and seminars to facilitate the exchange of experience, as well as educational programs to improve the skills of doctors.


We are proud of our cooperation with National Medical University as well as with a range of clinical and educational establishments.


Patients’ needs are and have always been a priority for our employees and therefore Alpen Pharma AG Representative Office in Moldova cares about the quality and safety of our products.